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garage door vertical track

Vertical Track

Vertical section of track secured to jambs with brackets.  This section of track guides and holds the garage door when in the closed/vertical position.  Vertical track attaches to radius allowing transition to horizontal track.

garage door roller bearing


Steel, plastic, or nylon wheels that allow garage door sections to move freely along the track system.  *Considered a moving part, lubricate these, not the track.

garage door hinges
garage door hinges


Hinges can be found on the ends and in the center of the stiles(garage door sections).  On the ends, they both connect and support door function, allowing the stiles to fold as the door opens, but the end hinges also hold the rollers in place.  Center hinges also serve to support the overall integrity and collapsible function of the door operation.

garage door top bracket

Top Bracket/Top Fixture

Adjustable brackets that hold rollers in top corners of garage door.

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