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garage door carriage assembly, emergency release, j-bar

Carriage/Trolley Assembly

Sliding component that joins J-bar and Rail assembly as part of the garage door opening system.

J-Bar, 'Hockey Stick', or Quick Disconnect Arm

Comprised of a straight arm and a curved arm, this component aids in attaching the garage door to the trolley, allowing the door to slide open and closed.

Emergency Release Cord

This red cord is used to disengage the trolley from the chain system in the event of a power-outage or if the garage door opener is simply not working.  This allows for the manual opening and closing of the garage door.

angle iron bracket

Angle Iron Brackets

L-shaped brackets supporting horizontal track from garage ceiling.

garage door horizontal track

Horizontal Track

Assembly of track used to support and guide the garage door in 'open' or horizontal position.  Track is held in place by angle iron brackets.

garage door radius track


The curved section of the track, joining both horizontal and vertical tracks so that the rollers may travel easily between the two states of open(horizontal) and closed(vertical).

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