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garage door torsion spring
garage door torsion spring

Torsion Springs

Mounted above garage door opening.  Springs are manually wound/charged and then installed onto a shaft that runs through the spring.  The spring turns the shaft which in turn raises or lowers the door with the aid of the cables and drums.  *DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR SPRINGS WITHOUT PROPER KNOWLEDGE OR CERTIFICATION!  SPRINGS ARE TIGHTLY WOUND AND VERY DANGEROUS.  COULD CAUSE SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH.

garage door cable


Multi-strand wire used to attach garage door to the counterbalance mechanism.  This cable is used to lift the garage door as it opens.

garage door track bracket jamb bracket

Track Brackets/Jamb Brackets

Angled brackets used to fasten the vertical section of track to jambs/framing of garage door opening.

garage door strut bar

Strut/Strut Bar

Metal piece that attaches across the top interior of the garage door to reinforce and add strength to the door.  Especially necessary in larger doors to prevent sagging and bowing.

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